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MNSi Internet

Windsor, ON
reply to RedMageX

Re: [TV] How is it Possible I do NOT get my station?

said by RedMageX:

If not, it can be what they call channel switching, wherein one channel switches it's feed to another broadcaster to display a specific program.

Its actually not called "channel switching" - thats what happens when you push the up or down button on your remote control. It's called Simultaneous Substitution - or SimSub.


Occasionally the switch happens at the wrong time. Regardless, it is required by law, as explained in the article.
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Waterdown, ON
Oh....okay, got it.

But why for heavens sake would Cogeco allow this "sub" to happen when its WRONG? Do they not have any control over same....or even a bloody phone # to call whomever runs Global to tell them to get OFF the NBCHD channel 714?

Far as I know, Global should NEVER be on 714 as that is suppsedly a ded NBCHD channel...so why would that happen?

And...if anyone also knows what my "credit" would be, that'd be cool to know too!


What you are paying for is not for Cogeco to deliver to you NBCHD. What you are paying for is for Cogeco to deliver to you what NBCHD has delivered to them. It's a small difference, but a very important one.


Waterdown, ON
too bad I cant charge NBC!!!!