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Denver, NC
reply to Anonymiss

Re: [CATV] Advertisement VS Reality 4 HD/DVR Deal???

Everyone is talking about the Ceton as the CableCard tuner to get, I would disagree. Get the SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime. It connects to your network, while it only has 3 tuners instead of 4, you have more flexibility to share the tuners over multiple devices, check out their website. You can find the HomeRun Prime for under $150 most of the time, I picked one up for $130 on newegg when they had a sale. Also, SiliconDust just announced that they are releasing a beta firmware later this month that provides the hardware a DLNA server so you can stream the channels over DLNA devices directly, so basically you won't need an extender in the future for live tv. This week at CES SiliconDust announced they are coming out with a 4 tuner model later this year. I use two 3 tuner models and xbox 360's i bought at pawn shops for my extenders. You can find an xbox 360 console that has either been banned on xbox live or the dvd drive doesnt work for less than $50 and they work fine for media extenders.

I have $280 invested in two HDHomeRun Primes (Can record/watch up to 6 things at once)
I have about $250 invested in 4 used xbox 360's I pick up at pawn shops/flea markets.
And $4/month for two cablecards with tuning adapters.

As others have indicated you cannot get on-demand channels. If you need on demand, just rent one regular hdtv receiver (non-dvr) for $5 from Charter.


Los Angeles, CA
yea i think i made a mistake by not getting the silicondust, i'm experiencing way too much lag with this ceton and the DLNA server thing is amazing.