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Fort Erie, ON
reply to fxsti

Re: Start Communications

said by fxsti:

Activation Date is the 16th.
From the Diagnostics Page, does the below give you the profile?

Just thought I'd point out that your power levels are a bit high and that error correction is kicking in on your connection. Not only do you want it between -10 and +10 to be ideal (spec is -15 to +15, once you get beyond them you'll start losing sync), but you also want the power level to be within +/- 2 for each channel. You might be fine and not run into any issues as your SNR looks good, but this is something you might want to keep in mind if you do run into issues in the future.

If it were me, I'd check the quality of the line coming in and see if there are any splitters where they shouldn't be. If everything otherwise looks good, I'd be on the horn over the disparity between the channel 1 and 2-4 power levels as that indicates something far more weird going on with your line rather than just the signal being too loud.