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Fairfield, OH

I Made the Switch-month three.

There are some issues to work through so I thought you might benefit from my experience.

At this time I have the following advice:

the Good

-better picture on HD than The Weasel Cable Co.
-faster internet speed
-cheaper, cheaper, I said cheaper. Now if this all get rolled back a year down the line, I won't be so happy.
-it gives the current sheriff in town an incentive not to get too lazy (and too expensive)


Not anything really except for the pesky pathetic slowness of the guide menu. I don't expect a 10 second lag on the screen when changing to a guide channel, but ...Oh well, they need to fix it.
Also the Philippine problem, which I understand will be fixed.

I think establishing competition beats everything else. The Weasel Cable company was getting to the point that they would challenge me right to my face.

And one further word of warning about the Weasel, they will give you price breaks if you complain, but they will find a way to weasel that into a "contract" with an early cancellation fee. I've never signed a paper and ink contract with them (give me a break guys, I've been with you TWENTY-FIVE years)! They have actually cataloged accessible databases and they can email prior phone conversations to you. And there is no give. They will hunt you for that $150 for the rest of your life. Guess who doesn't intend to ever go back there.

So, I encourage you to do your part to bring the competition factor up a few notches.


Cincinnati, OH

I have had Fioptics since september and I can't complain. I internet speeds are what I am paying for and the TV side is fine. The DVR and remote are different than Directv (what I had for 6 years before switching) but that is expected. Different provider different equipment. The HD is fine. The on demand is nice. The channel selection is good. I hope that they don't slack off on adding new channels. Directv was excellent at adding new channels.
The only complaints are that there is a delay with the on screen guide (had that with Directv though) and there are screen freezes on occasion. But, I don't have to deal with losing sat signal during storms either.

The major plus is the price. Can't beat it.

For those interested, here is a radio interview about the tele coms in the US.




Agreed. We've had it for 13 months. The ONLY issue we have is the picture stuttering occasionally. Usually only happens on something that was recorded. Never had an issue with the inernet speeds(I'm paying for 20MB, but get speedtest results of 40MB if no more than one tv is on), and the phone has been flawless. Considering I am paying about $200/month LESS that I was with TWC/DirecTv and CBT all separate, for the same services(plus 4x faster internet), I think I can live with that occasional stutter. It would be nice if they fixed that though. And, PLEASE get different boxes. The plastic ZTE boxes just reek of cheap(OK, I guess that's 2 minor issues).