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[HN7000S] Dropping signal

113W: 990

Between 3 and 4 AM Eastern my signal suddenly dropped to 47. It's not weather related. Pushing and pulling does nothing to change the signal. Since 1 PM my signal has further dropped to 43-44. Everything shows green checks in my control center. Browsing is sluggish but not horribly so.

I reset my modem earlier out of habit when things tend to slow down. I was going to wait to post anything, but with my signal still dropping, I was afraid I would lose connectivity completely.

Is this possibly equipment failure? Everything but the feedhorn and modem is six years old. Every great once in a while, I've had a signal drop for an hour or so [with no known cause] that has resolved itself, but this is going on 12 hours now.

I'm not really expecting to find any thoughts or suggestions here, but since I'm not calling Hughesnet unless it dies completely or becomes unusable, I thought I would at least add this bit of info for whatever it may be worth. The good news is that for the last day or so, my signal is up to 49, and sometimes even hits 50-51.

Last Revalidate Timestamp.... SAT JAN 12 09:18:19 2013
Last Revalidate Isolation... 73
Last Revalidate SQF......... 49


Dahlonega, GA
reply to JK01
My 7000s ran for several years with a signal around 50. The system ran fine even when the signal dropped into the low 40's. The old push-pull test never changed the signal.
About a year ago the radio crapped out, a local installer replaced it and tweaked my signal to around 75, strange thing, now I have more problems with rain fade than with the lower signal.
My advice is to ride it out, it could get better or worse, but with Hughes it is hard to find out where the problem is coming from.

I guess it was all on their end. I found someone else complaining of the same problem, starting on the same day.

But good news for me... At 3 AM my connection dropped out completely, and when it came back up, my signal went up into the 60s, then up to the usual 79/80, where it has stayed.