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Chelmsford, MA
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reply to bull3964

Re: Ultra HD at CES

said by bull3964 :

Many people have already bought a TV that's constrained by the physical space in their viewing area. (None) of us will ever buy a larger TV unless we move as the viewing area does not allow for a larger display no matter how thin and light it is.

Well said. Most overlooked factor in marketing new sets. New "features" can always be had, with a new set same size as the current one.
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Midlothian, VA
I'm not sure why I'm going to reply to this thread but I will. Yes you will eventually see 4K channels but not for a while as they sort out compression. No one expects UHD to feed raw uncompressed video, no one is getting raw uncompressed 720 or 1080 so why would anyone expect less for 4K. Expect it to be roughly 2X to 3X what a 1080 is today..once they finish all the work that still has to be done on the codecs.

Is is gimmick? Sure, the average home owner wont be seeing any 4K TV's in their home for 5+ years when they finally come down out of the stratosphere.

Finally you need a LARGE space for them to be of any benefit. Sure the eye can discern blah blah blah...but fact is...720p and 1080 are "good enough" Joe public doesnt give a crap. The name "UHD" is pure marketing that is all, the whole bigger is better.

»s3.carltonbale.com/resolution_ch ··· art.html

From that chart....one of many I know..you need a min size of 50" and be sitting 5' away, that's pretty close. Most folks just don't have a need of or space for a 65" tv, which is what you need if you are the average 8' away from your TV.

I do expect 4K TV's to be norm and reasonable priced within 5 years. I also expect there to be OLED monster reasonable priced TV's within the next 3 years which the consumer will truly be gushing over given the huge contrast and picture improvement they represent. They are more than "good enough" and most who just dropped a few hundred to a few thousand (2k) aren't going to upgrade to UHD anytime in the next 10 years.

It's not DOA technology. It's time has just not yet arrived.

The British did closed circuit 4k and 8K broadcasts to massive screens around London during the Olympics. Those that got to see them first hand were in awe of the clarity and crispness. Think digital movie theater on the street the screens were roughly the same size as the small screens at your local megaplex.

end of rant...


Midlothian, VA
FYI all digital screens in theaters are 4K.

It's 48fps that's new and what is causing a stir.


said by danclan:

FYI all digital screens in theaters are 4K.

It's 48fps that's new and what is causing a stir.

I know, personally, I will never see another 48fps movie again. The whole thing just felt cheap.