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Re: Great!

said by davoice:

Actually it will only work if you're on a TWC internet connection. The jury is out as to whether it would have to be behind the same cable modem on which you subscribe to internet service on the same account as TV service. With the iPad app, it only works when you're at your own home.

Dang, then why pay for the service. Well, i can see why. So people can use different devices to watch there programming on.

Dish has a boxes that connect to the net. I think it's called dish anywhere or everywhere. As long as my reciever at home is online, I can use th app and watch programing that I DVRed. Not sure if it would let me watch "live' TV or if it's limited to DVR only. But I don't have to be in my house to access it. Hence why I thought the TW thing was like that.

Speaking of which, I really should hook my DVR up to the internet.
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