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[AB] Just upgraded to High Speed Turbo 25

This is my first post so sorry if this topic has been brought up before.
I am in Leduc Alberta and was running High Speed Turbo for the past three years and until recently first part of December everything was running very smoothly. Great internet speeds and easy downloading. Sppedtest.net showing downloads around 14 mbs and uploads just under .8.
In the first week of December TELUS sent out a new wireless router the TELUS Actiontec V1000H. I have had problems ever since. When I run speed tests it showed that my speed was the same but when I browse the net or try to stream you tube videos the connection is slow and choppy. This is not only the case on wireless devices but also my main pc hard line connected. I phoned TELUS and they recommend I spend more money on my internet and upgrade to the High Speed Turbo 25. So I did and the technician came on Sunday and engaged the new high speed. Speed tests show that I am at a download rate of 23-24 mbs. Great but I am still unable to watch 720 you tube videos and web pages are still loading slowly.
I would like any suggestions or tweaks to make to my system.
I am thinking about trying to find a Thomson Speed Touch ADSL Modem and pick up a wireless router to see if that will help.
Also if anyone could tell me if High Speed Turbo 25 is the fastest connection available in my area?
Thanks for your help you can send me a email @ m_sarge@telus.net