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Las Vegas, NV

Point to Point PSK VPN with OpenVPN

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Thumbnail of VPN config
I have four virtual private servers, all of which currently have a working OpenVPN link to my OpenVPN server/hub. These vpn links are normally used mostly for ssh/webmin administration of the vps, since the OpenVPN server/hub lives on my home network which kind of limits bandwidth thru the vpn links. My issue is this: I am trying to set up a direct point-to-point OpenVPN link between two of the servers to allow secure rsync between the two. Since I have client-to-client enabled on the working vpn links, I realize I *could* rsync from vps #1 to vps #2 via their current working vpn links, but that old bugaboo, limited bandwidth on my home network rears its ugly head. So, I figured a simple point-to-point PSK OpenVPN link, with the "server" on VPS #1 and the "client" on VPS #2 running on udp/1193. Both vps are running iptables and I've added udp/1193 to both. Try as I might, I cannot get the two vps to talk to each other using the .conf files shown in the attachment image. Running both server and client via command line as "openvpn server.conf" on the vps #1 and "openvpn client.conf" on vps #2 with verb 4 *appears* to show the correct info, such as port #, PSK file, tun1 is shown in ipconfig on both vps, and on the client, it shows the correct ip for the "server"... but I never see any connection handshake like I do on the working PKI-based OpenVPN installation.. Help? More info if needed


Grants Pass, OR
Assuming the 2 VPS's are running some form of Linux OS, why not just setup an SSH tunnel between the 2 of them and then run rsync through that? If you need to perform the rsync on a regular basis, then you could just setup a cron job to run automatically.