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Re: [TWC] Possible problem with new Zoom 5341j

jimk - I haven't called support yet. I Wanted to get some input from everyone here before I did that. That and I dread having to talk to those people.

Tundra - I believe the speeds are marketed as 20/1. It's not really the speed that is the problem it's how unstable it seems to be along wit the large fluctuations in lag when gaming and the occasional drop out.


Fremont, NE
·Time Warner Cable
As jimk pointed out you have upstream bonding, with an ATDMA 5120 wide upstream channel even which needs an SNR of 30 or else it could cause random dropouts or other issues. The only way to read that SNR of the upstream channels are at the CMTS and even then its an average. Ever ask to talk to Tier 3? Although they can only do so much they are far better then Roadrunner National Help Desk, which on occasional has made me say ugh.