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Santa Rosa, CA

Beta feature: Upload/download speed priority toggle

We have rolled a beta tool which will allow customers to toggle their Fusion lines between the standard download-priority (Annex A), and upload-priority (Annex M) modes.

You might choose to toggle upload-priority when you are about to start a really large upload, such as a huge HD video to YouTube or Vimeo, or when you are sending hundreds of high resolution photos from a photo shoot to a client. It would also be useful when making a large initial backup to a service like Crashplan or Mozy. Customers might turn it on before going to turning in for the night to cause an initial to complete more quickly.

But, because the upload-priority setting can slow your download speed by quite a lot, be sure to switch back to download-priority mode when you are finished with your uploading! Please also inform any other users of your connection that download speeds will be impaired while in this mode, so that they do not contact support about download performance.

For more details on Annex M, see: »wiki.sonic.net/wiki/Annex_M_FAQ

When you switch between the modes, your connection will be briefly interrupted while it re-connects with the new configuration.

A modem which supports Annex M and which is configured to automatically switch between Annex A and Annex M is required for this feature to work. Many modems support this by default, including the standard Sonic.net Fusion equipment.

While we are working on putting this into a permanent IVR, we will be opening it up for beta by way of a temporary number. Customers may call 707-583-7701 to experiment with the beta tool. In future, this number will stop working, being replaced by an IVR option under 611.

Annex M isn't something we support here by phone, it is a free "Labs" feature, which customers are welcome to use, but we cannot optimize or manage it. If you like Annex M, you can use it. If you prefer Annex A, you can toggle back. Please don't contact Sonic.net support about Labs features such as Annex A vs M, but please instead post to this forum for discussion.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Dane Jasper
CEO & Co-Founder
Sonic Telecom


San Francisco, CA
Great new feature!

With the new customer selectable toggle, you should probably rework your current Annex M FAQ which states:

Call 611 from your Fusion line for assistance, or 707-547-3400 for any other phone.

since it conflicts with your above information.

I appreciate how Sonic is consistently improving the customer experience, by providing excellent resource tools.

Santa Rosa, CA
Thanks, fixed!

Glad to hear you like the ongoing feature additions.

Sunnyvale, CA
reply to DaneJasper
said by DaneJasper:

Customers may call 707-583-7701 to experiment with the beta tool. In future, this number will stop working, being replaced by an IVR option under 611.

I was looking for an option to toggle Annex M under the Labs tab within Sonic Member Tools. I guess I should have read the post properly

Some observations from trying it out:

- for dual-line bonded Fusion the Annex M toggle effects both lines (a mixed configuration of having one line Annex A and the other line Annex M is technically possible but I'm not sure whether there would be much demand for it?). The important thing to note here is that both lines change at the same time meaning that there is indeed a short service interruption. I was hoping for uninterrupted Internet service due to the bonded Fusion lines (which it would be if each line could be changed individually or if the DSLAM would delay the change on the 2nd line until the first line has successfully synced up again).

- I already knew from past experiments that the Comtrend Nexuslink 5631 has a problem with the automatic mode selection. The first DSL line automatically switches between Annex A and Annex M when the mode is changed on the DSLAM (Sonic side) as long as the "Annex M enabled" checkbox is marked. The second line (called slave in the configuration/setup menus) however fails to sync whenever there is an Annex A vs. Annex M mismatch (both ways). Since at least one line reconnects after the Annex M toggle, connectivity isn't completely lost but someone not paying attention might be disappointed with the results since after the toggle only one of the two lines comes up.

- I like the fact that the toggle service announces current settings and line speeds as seen by the DSLAM. I found out that Sonic considers the ADSL1 line on my modem to be the second line in the bonded pair (that little detail could cause some confusion in a support situation).

- I'm curious about the significance of the background noise during the call to the Annex M toggle number. It sounded like a form of digital (modem?) signals.
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Santa Rosa, CA
Liebold, I've passed your comments and a link to this post on to the developer who launched this feature.



Palo Alto, CA

1 recommendation

I've also got bonded fusion.

I can confirm on my Comtrend, after triggering the toggle to Annex-M, the slave DSL would not come back up unless I automatically set it as Annex-M and then rebooted the modem.

After reboot, my upload speed was unchanged but my download speed was cut in half.

Called Sonic tech support - learned that my upload had been capped at around 1 meg - the tech said this was very common - and he reset my upstream caps at 3,200.

When I switched back to Annex-A, the modem did not resynch on it's own. I had to go manually change the slave DSL setting back to Annex-A, and then reboot the modem manually to get re-connected.

On Annex-A before all this, I was running around 14,500/1,800
On Annex-M after uncapping upload I am stable at 6,852/3,158
On Annex-A after uncapping upload I am stable at 14,700/2600

Speedtest.net shows 6M/2.6M on Annex-M and 12.8M/2.2M on Annex-A after uncapping upload.

The need to reconfigure and reboot on the Comtrend after every switch makes this toggle not as seamless as it should be.