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Liverpool, NY

[Wireless] LexMark S515 printer wireless through LinkSys E3000

We run several (8 or more) devices on our LAN through our router (firmware 1.0.04, build 6), but cannot get a new LexMark S510 Series wireless printer (latest 12.07.12 firmware) accessible on the network.

We do not use the Cisco Connect utility that comes with the E3000.

The connection routine through the printer displays successful connection via WPS and the printer shows up in the router DHCP client table.

Trying "Add Printer" @ "Printers and Faxes on Cisco06140" through the network prompts, "You do not have sufficient privileges to add a printer on '\\Cisco0640. Do you want to run this command as different user?"

We've tried through "Add Printer" wizard;
Local printer attached...
Create a new... Standard TCP/IP Port ...
@ "You have have successfully completed the Add Printer Wizard", clicking 'Finish' prompts, "Unable to install printer. The print processor does not exist."

Looks like some setting in the router, but we've had no problems sharing files across the network computers or to/from an external HD connected to the router via USB.

Anybody see what we're missing here?


Middletown, MD

Re: [Wireless] LexMark S515 printer wireless through LinkSys E30

If its like the wireless printers I have, you have to use the disk that came with the printer. Drove me nuts.


Liverpool, NY
reply to vizitor
Yeah, maybe it's just that the drivers had to be installed, but the software setup app found the printer on the network. I'm not sure which portion of the setup program does this, but I'd like to install only the drivers without the other 'utilities' and be able to print from that scenario. I'll try a couple different ways on another computer through the network & see what happens...


Liverpool, NY
so, apparently, there's no obvious way to find the printer on the network for Windows to recognize it & install the drivers directly without running the setup program and knowing how to tell it to find the printer during the installation process.
but that gets it done, at least.