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Raleigh, NC
·Time Warner Cable
reply to Vince

Re: [TWC] Possible problem with new Zoom 5341j

said by Vince:

I figured I would give the TWC online chat support a try, but of course it was a waste of time. He couldn't access the head end to give me the upstream SNR numbers. He tried the standard "let me send a refresh signal to your modem". That didn't do anything. I kind of lost faith when he told me to keep the chat window open while I rebooted my PC. One thing he did have me try that I hadn't though of was to disable the antivirus and malware software. While this didn't solve teh unstable ping problem, it did seem to increase my DL speeds. It didn't help with the UL speed though. Here are my numbers with them disabled:

51.97 .15 27ms
57.48 .97 24ms
44.59 .96 35ms

If I feel like being tortured this weekend I'll give the local number a call and see what they have to say.

You need tier 3 support. Everyone else will just tell you to reboot the modem until you get annoyed and hang up. You might still have to go through the initial troubleshooting before they will transfer you. Some reps refuse to transfer in which case you may have to call back to talk to someone else.

There is most likely a signal issue on the upstream that you can't see. The only upstream info you can see is what power level your modem is running at, which is one of many factors that can impact your connection.