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Basement Dweller
reply to loosedobbs

Re: B.C. gambling addicts get go ahead to sue lottery

said by loosedobbs:

said by DKS:

And can anyone explain to me why casinos, with problems like this, are a good thing?

Casinos promoted and funded, run by Government is problem.
This is the reason Government should not be in business of gambling and selling liquor.
Gambling, booze and prostitute are going to exists as long as human race exists. So does the addicts. Be it drug, booze or anything else.

would you rather there be no controls by the evil "corps" that you seem to so adamantly despise as the scum of the earth ?

personally, booze, gambling, cigarettes, and "weed" should be sold and revenue above operating costs go into the tax pool, the siphoned out through tax loopholes by people who don't even pretend to have an interest in the people.