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[Vista] New Popup Warning

Downloaded 10 of the 11 items from Microsoft's Tuesday offerings.

Now getting this popup. What is it and did the downloads cause it?


Googled a little more and found this.

What is Cross Site Scripting?
Cross site scripting (also known as XSS) occurs when a web application gathers malicious data from a user. The data is usually gathered in the form of a hyperlink which contains malicious content within it. The user will most likely click on this link from another website, instant message, or simply just reading a web board or email message. Usually the attacker will encode the malicious portion of the link to the site in HEX (or other encoding methods) so the request is less suspicious looking to the user when clicked on. After the data is collected by the web application, it creates an output page for the user containing the malicious data that was originally sent to it, but in a manner to make it appear as valid content from the website. Many popular guestbook and forum programs allow users to submit posts with html and javascript embedded in them.
To stop the popup:

Follow the steps as mentioned below:

1) Click start and click on internet explorer

2) Hit Alt key on keyboard

3) Click on Tools , internet options

4) Click on security tab

5) Click on Custom level

6) Scroll down to Enable XSS FILTER “Under Scripting”

7) Place a check mark for Disable XSS FILTER and click on Ok

8) Click ok to close the properties windows

9) Restart internet explorer and check for issue