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Ottawa, ON
reply to WHT

Re: ARGH! Ubnt radios freezing!

said by WHT:

Respectively replying, anyone that hasn't extensively deployed UBNT gear shouldn't make critical comments.

Obviously there are exceptions like (
»Noisy UBNT gear appearing in our area ) by a veteran WISP. My only comment in that 5 page thread was about adding UNIX "nice" feature in a TDMA radio to co-exist with other WISP gear. And my response to a specific question in this UBNT thread relates to IC temperature ratings. Both are stuff I know a lot about because I personally designed ICs and TDMA radio PCBs.

Hopefully you UBNT guys will allow that tiny bit of freedom of relevant expression by non-UBNT users. After all there are very few of us left. Nothing to fear - you guys already won.