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Edmonton, AB
reply to hughsfan

Re: [BC] Re: Internal Gateway Problems

The first thing we need to see is a traceroute or some other piece of information as this post (although lengthy) is rather devoid of any useful information.

If you are seeing 10.x IP's either A) You have manually done this on your own internal network, B) You are for some reason seeing the internal IP assigned by the DOCSIS router to the modem, or C) you are confused.

Being able to see the actual router interfaces isn't surprising either. Some companies name the hops after the interface they are connected to. For example " []" appears on a traceroute from my house. This is because the actual port is named rc2ar-ge9-1. Is this similar information to what you are seeing?

As for your (from what I understand you are running) DNS server being refused I am not surprised. Are you sure you have put in the proper IP address? Why not just use Google's if you are having so many issues with your ISP? Again with the whole NOTAUTH response you seem to be receiving...I have never heard of someone running a NOTAUTH server, NOTAUTH is a DNS response given when a DNS server is attempting to update a zone in which it is not authorized to do so (which in your situation would be proper as your ISP will not allow a user to update DNS records. I that were allowed then anybody could make a DNS update that says should point to

Also 10.22 I see something microsoft related and 192.168.64 I see something as well.

The only reason you would be able to see 10.22.x.x and 192.168.64.x at the same time is either A) you have 2 network cards, or B) you have your subnet mask set to something invalid like (which I am pretty sure would not work)

I think this is great info just curious I traced your example to yet interestingly enough I only see and a few other arin's top level assignment of your rc2ar-ge9-1 to so assuming that your base for building your net is on this I am either on a tier above yours or possibly even on your local and cant see it. Strange enough I am not on shaw so I cant see that as being possible.

As you all know the internet all has its peers From Tier 1 and downwards can we all agree that arin is the ultimate top level designation or do you also mix with lists as well?

So as you can see there is many alternate paths to the same place on the net and things are always as they appear.

Since I see arin first and the second designation of shaws servers for that gateway something is a bit off from where I am. Maybe we share a internal gateway or something.

rc2ar-ge9-1 could be a local for me maybe and I see arin's delegation to the whole name since we share a faster path to the same place?

Hmmm interesting though thanks for this I learning allot on how the nets made.