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reply to h8rogers

Re: Rogers: "You cannot use a powerbar "

said by h8rogers:

Internet is on the fritz. I have the Hitron modem and only one of the lights is blue. I do have some internet access. I called robbers.

Me: Hi, my internet is working intermittently.

Robbers: Is your modem connected to a power bar? If it is, that's the reason your internet is not working. It's because the modem can't draw enough power to work. If it still isn't working we will have to send a technician over.

Yup, had this on Wednesday. In the couple of minutes or so it took for me to arrange to have my modem not connected to a power bar, the tech I was speaking to established that the internet was out in a large area due to cable damage. He did at least have the decency to apologise for wasting my time.
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