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Raleigh, NC
reply to Camelot One

Re: Anonymous wants DDoS attacks recognized as speech

It's not a valid argument in any sense. This isn't any form of civil disobedience or "internet protest" -- that would be an individual clicking refresh over and over in their browser. A DDoS attack is a malicious act compounded by (nay, made possible by) illegally activities (read: do you own the 15,000 computers and ISP accounts forming your botnet? I didn't think so.)

The "slashdot effect" is not a DDoS. It's a whole lot of people going to the same site over a rather short period. It may *briefly* have the same net visual effect, but they are two very different things. One is a thousand people mailing a letter to the editor; the other is breaking into a thousand homes and co-opting their printer to generate an unending supply of letters to the editor. The former is the act of a thousand people, collectively; the latter is the malicious act of one person with an axe to grind.

Camelot One
Greenwood, IN
I believe that is pretty much what I said.