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Re: Stock vs Cross Drilled or Slotted Brake Rotors

I'm gonna go with these-----just had the rears done stock so will upgrade them down the road.
Here's a vid I found with an ST on the track. Sounds stock. Looks fun and slow from watching but bet things seem faster behind the wheel!


Crash Gordon
Drive It Like You Stole It

Smyrna, GA

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Yeah, sounds like it could be a fun car, with plenty of options down the road.

I'm fairly sure you'll enjoy it, but it's a expensive hobby. I don't run as much as I used to, mainly due to having other event duties while at the track, but I still get out there every chance I can.

In that vid it's also VERY wet, so it'd be wise to go a bit slower.

At last years Oct. PCA Drivers Ed. Porsche brought two new Cayman R with pro drivers that you could get a track tour with. It was a blast even just riding shotgun. Riding with a pro driver showed me a few things. The driver the wife and I rode with was Cass Whitehead.

The wife was a little freaked out, she'd never been that fast (about 180 down to the breaking area for 10A at Road Atlanta) before.