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Millbury, MA

[Northeast] Has anyone else ever had this problem?

For the past few days I've had a very strange issue with my fios. I have the 300/65 speed but for the past few days my down speed has been 1mbps. My upload speed hasn't been effected at all. It still runs between 65 and 70mbps. I'm also suffering from 15 to 20% packet loss. I've been on the phone with support numerous times and tried everything I can think of to fix the issue. Has anyone else had a similar issue and been able to get it fixed?


Virginia Beach, VA
I used to have this issue every once in a while and it would go away on its own, I chalk it up to something going on at the CO. I would suggest seeing if any of your neighbors are having the same issue, if they are then have them open up a ticket as well.


Tampa Bay
·Verizon FiOS
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reply to scoobyfan
As kis601 said, open a ticket and followup with your neighbors. I suffered through a bad card at the CO back in 2009, and it took lots of people complaining over a period about 2 weeks for VZ to accept that the problem was real and correct it.

(I posted at the time how the field tech was seeing 50-60% packet loss to the default gateway-- the first hop out-- and the clueless phone rep said that was "on the general internet and beyond Verizon's control". The field tech was utterly frustrated dealing with the knuckleheads on the other end of the phone.)

Three years later in December 2012, the same thing happened again. Bad card at the CO. Fortunately this time it was corrected in about a week.


Millbury, MA
reply to scoobyfan
After dealing with a number of phone reps who thought I was crazy, one finally took up my cause and found the problem. Bad card at the CO just like you both thought. I'm now back to perfect speeds.

reply to scoobyfan
Yep, I am seeing this exact sames issue you describe. Downloads
and speedtest range from 1-2mbs to full speed. I have 75/35 and
I am just outside of Phila. It is not the router or ONT I am sure.
It is too erratic, some is not right.

Where are you located? I need to make a tech support call,
but I know they will blame on me somehow.

reply to scoobyfan
I'm in MD and having similar but different issues since 6pm, this site is the only site that is fast, every other site is so slow it wont even load... All trace routes show absolutely no issues whatso ever, no packet loss or high pings. Tried different computer, power cycling router, power cycling ONT, different DNS servers, no change. I don't get it.
75/35 FIOS || MSN Msgr: scott001^gmail_com


Oakland Gardens, NY
I've had this problem as well. Still not resolved, even after they closed the ticket. Download speeds suffer, upload unaffected. Recently it looks like I am getting around a litte more than half my download speed during the evening, so better than what I was getting, but still not fixed. I do find it curious that every time I have called about the issue, the tech's are always unaware of the issue. It almost seems like Verizon does know of the issue, but doesn't want to tell people it is something they can't fix, or don't want to fix. Odd!


Springfield, PA
OK, I am curious if we get similar results.
Many sites are fine, others are way off the chart bad:

Here is one (I am 75/35) - so I should never see a download
speed like that. If you get a really bad speed that makes
zero sense, report it here.

1/14/2013 12:17 AM GMT 72.78.xx.xx 1.36 Mb/s 6.27 Mb/s 45 ms New York, NY ~ 100 mi

It seems to be time/load dependent. And it may not
be Verizon's equipment, but should be some way to figure
this out.

This is more typical, it's not me and it's probably not you:

1/6/2013 7:31 PM GMT 72.78.xx.xx 84.22 Mb/s 13.03 Mb/s 28 ms Baltimore, MD ~ 100 mi


Tampa Bay
·Verizon FiOS
·Bright House Net..
reply to scoobyfan
said by scoobyfan:

After dealing with a number of phone reps who thought I was crazy

Just got off the phone a few minutes ago with VZ Biz FIOS support and need to go bang my head on a brick wall to relieve the frustration.

Business FIOS connection went down. Router interface showed connection up, protocol up. No interface errors. Issue was no traffic was passing; could not even ping the default gateway.

I'll spare the details for sake of brevity, but she insisted a traceroute would show where the problem was. No amount of reasoning would get it through to her that traceroutes show nothing. If we can't even ping the default gateway, a traceroute would return no results except timeouts.

After repeatedly blaming our router (we use a Juniper SRX 220) I got sick of listening to her and told her to reboot the ONT.

Surprise, surprise, things started working again. I'd already bounced our router port facing the ONT, so I knew an interface reset wasn't the answer. It was something either inside the ONT not properly bridging traffic, or the ONT's connection with its counterpart in the C/O.

She continued insisting it was OUR router at fault, even though the evidence clearly showed otherwise.

I don't mind that Level 1 tech support doesn't have in-depth knowledge of all things routing and physical-- but I DO WISH that when a rep doesn't have a clue, they would NOT argue in ignorance. It makes those of us with a lot more experience very, very frustrated.


Old Bethpage, NY
reply to scoobyfan
I've been having issues as well, packet loss last night at midnight along with speed drop and complete loss of TV and Internet services for a few minutes then it came back up (also lost my IP during this), when I picked up the house line also had strange beeps before getting a dial tone.