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Purcellville, VA

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reply to tpkatl

Re: Same old struggle: Big Media versus technology

said by tpkatl:

Some day - although I doubt it will be soon - the big media companies will come to the realization that serving customer needs and wants is going to be a better approach than standing in the way of technology. They will only realize that when their intransigence begins to cost them money.

That last sentence is dead on accurate. The only thing these corporations understand - or care about - is money. Their "leadership" (if you can call it that - I think of it more as "failureship" in certain instances) will only request a course correction when it directly affects the bonus they receive. In the meantime technology, public want, and public interest is forced to take a back seat.

Though I don't obviously condone it, perhaps those who pirate television and movie content, ripping commercials from it and redistributing, inadvertently make a good point and help to bring about positive social change. If enough people simply stopped watching/spending and turned to alternative sources of entertainment, large companies like CBS would be forced into changing their business model.

Unfortunately, CBS just promotes more of the same perpetual failure with its opposition to technology like this. They should have learned something with the failed court cases against VCRs in the '80s but didn't. If their management and legal department wasn't filled with "special ed" cases perhaps that would've happened.

What's so "illegal" or "infringing" about developing a technology that allows people to skip over commercials anyway? That's essentially what we all do when we click the "30 second skip" button on our DVRs today.

BTW, automatic commercial skipping is hardly new technology... I had a couple ReplayTV boxes from the early 2000s that automatically skipped commercials on recorded programs. IIRC, the industry bullied them into changing their software too through various lawsuits. The entertainment industry needs to start being presented to America as it really is - a bunch of bullies and thugs who whine and cry like 5 years who just lost at "Chutes and Ladders" when they don't get their way.