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Bernie, MO
reply to lutful

Re: ARGH! Ubnt radios freezing!

said by lutful:

said by Rhaas:

said by lutful:

Thats a name I havent seen in a loooong time.

P.S. I really could not make any critical comments about UBNT stuff back in 2010 without getting attacked by fanboys. Hopefully that has changed.

Even the fan boys got burned
I am using their 2.4G equipment with some success - as long as it is fairly quiet.

I am not happy about the 7kft of tough cable I have deployed that has or is failing..
I survived Hale-Bopp!


Siren, WI
said by Rhaas:

I am not happy about the 7kft of tough cable I have deployed that has or is failing..

Same here... The UV protected stuff that wasn't... I was just at a customer's house yesterday for something totally unrelated and happened to look at the cable and saw a bunch of cracks all over the place. Hadn't totally failed yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

I haven't participated on the UBNT forums for quite awhile, but does anyone know if they are offering any sort of compensation for the crappy cable that is only lasting a year or two? I have other cable that's been installed for 6+ years and is in almost as good of condition as the day we installed it. Even some cheap non-UV unshielded indoor cable that was intended to be temporary is still in great condition compared to the UBNt stuff.


No Compensation yet, they will send you new boxes for the stuff you used... But that doesnt quite cover man hours/ lost revenue.

We had a bit of a rush when a competitor went out of business last year.... Close to 300 installs in 2 months (thats a lot for us).... We just got killed this summer with service calls, left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.....