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Re: Uverse Removed East Coast Feeds

said by dishrich:

Mikefenn - where ARE you located; specifically which time zone ARE you actually in?

If you are in a west or mountain time zone, THAT's probably the very reason why all those channels were switched.
And it's something that AT&T was probably REQUIRED to do by those said programmers, due to their requirements that all providers carry the appropriate time zone feed for their (local) area. (hint: THAT'S why those channels have E/W feeds in the first place ) Many cable co. & other alternate (wireline) providers have had to switch to the proper feeds over the past couple years, so why would you think AT&T would be exempt from this. (& except for the 2 DBS providers, E feeds are NOT the default feeds)

They probably were letting AT&T slide on NOT having the correct feed, while they were getting their (U-verse) infrastructure up & running - but now the programmers want those viewers to get the correct feed now...

You are correct. AT&T doesn't care if a particular customer is receiving the east coast feed versus the west coast feed, but the programmers definitely do. It all has to do with generating prime time advertising revenue.