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Looking for some help.

Hi everyone and thanks you for reading my post, i am currently creating a website for my Clan in FireFall MMO. The problem is i am not very skilled for making Image ( i use paint ... to give you a good idea of my skills )

My problem lies in the Logo, Banner, and some random image that's i would need some customisation or brand new. My question is: Is there anyone who could give me a hand with the graphic i need. im not looking for anything flashy. Well so if u have free time you can contact me at

thanks you.

Germantown, TN
It would help to show a link to the site and give an idea of what is needed i.e. color, size etc.

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Westville, NJ

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reply to marshalmavi
Unless this is a paying gig? I would suggest becoming a member and be a little more explanatory. Normally I wouldn't even dignify a post of this kind with a response. I find it to be selfish, lackadaisical and disrespectful to the long time members here whom have given their time and skills freely and of its own merit. I only responded to add to the post above.

The reasoning and example for the above paragraph: »Request graphic assistance for work

The member in my link asked for help and never returned.
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