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Teddy Boom
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Toronto, ON
reply to TOPDAWG

Re: Start Communications - new TPIA Rogers/Cogeco

said by TOPDAWG:

hm I tried that testmy.net speedtest and it said I was just getting 1.5 mbps and every other test I try says I'm getting my max speed. seems that site is not right.

A few weeks ago I had a customer complaining about his speeds because of testmy.net results. This was my response
Another very important factor, where is the server you are testing to located? Looking into testmy.net a little, looks like they are in Dallas, Washington DC (most likely actually Ashburn Virginia) and Seattle. That gives insight into a certain aspect of connection speed--if the only server you ever talk to is in Dallas--but it is not optimal for testing.

Of course no speed test is optimal for all uses of the internet. Speedtest.net certainly does give an optimistic result, but I find that is mostly due to multi-threaded download rather than some adjustment factor as identified by the guy who runs testmy.net:
»testmy.net/ipb/topic/30131-testm ··· d-tests/
I'm sure something exists that justifies his statement, but.. Speedtest.net gives results that correspond closely with my understanding of how cable internet connections work, so I have good reason to trust the results I get.

Maybe the best way to test your speed is to try a very well seeded torrent. That is still a highly multithreaded download, but it is a real result, rather than a projection based on a brief snapshot.
It does leave me wondering a little though. Is testmy.net credible at all? What good speed test algorithms are easily available? etc. etc.