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My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Grand Rapids, MI
reply to OHN

Re: Salary Research for Negotiation

said by OHN:

I think you are 100% correct. Whenever something is thrown at me, I always say yes and get the job done. I do not think they appreciate what I do. I have started writing down everything. In all honesty, some stuff I was thinking of skipping because I thought, well it is not a big deal but once I started analyzing what I do and what it entails, it did end up being a big deal. It is because of what I do that we rely so little on other departments like Server Amins, Telecommunications and ecommerce. In addition, our reliance on consultants has greatly minimized when it comes to tech in the call center.

As far as the person thinking the lack of college or certifications may be the issue, I do not believe so. The person that was promoted has neither college nor certifications. If we were to look at banking experience alone, we have about the same (I have 17+ years). When it comes to managing the call center, we also have similar responsibilities. Based on these similarities alone, we should be on the same level. Again, I have the same if not more, experience as a banker so I can do his job but earn a little less than he earns.

With that said, I then have the Technical responsibilities and knowledge (15+ years) that as you all know, require wearing multiple hats. This is something that this person cannot do or learn. After all, we are all hardcore geeks that eat, sleep and dream this stuff . When you account for that, it even substantiates me having a higher level let alone an equal one.

Summary: If you were to consider me only a call center manager, I am underpaid and at a lower salary level then I should be.

When you account for what I bring to the table technology wise, I am $15,000 underpaid and should even be a higher level than the other person.

Sounds like you have a plan and it also sounds like your boss is receptive to the idea as well. That alone is half the battle. Now all you need to do is to put together a solid argument as to why you should be paid more. From the way it sounds, you are on track.

Good luck!
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Respice, Adspice, Prospice
Onion, NJ
said by Nightfall:

Now all you need to do is to put together a solid argument as to why you should be paid more. From the way it sounds, you are on track.

Good luck!

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Appleton, WI
reply to Nightfall
Thank you so much. I appreciate your feedback. Lets see how it goes. If it does not work out, then I can say I at least tried rather than just leaving. I have already received offers from other employers. The pay would be about the same but my work would be focused i.e. managing workforce (wfm) or project management instead of "jack of all trades".