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·AT&T Midwest

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reply to David

Re: Benefits of upgrading an old 2Wire 1000SW modem/router?

Thanks for the tip about changing the LAN address of the router. I checked it out and it's possible to change it to anything so I'll give that a try.

Believe me, I'd just as soon not have to change to another router if I can manage to secure this one. My 2Wire has never given me so much as a hiccup. It runs cool to the touch and I'm getting good speeds out of it for my DSL package.

Edit: I opted to go ahead and get a Netgear N300 Modem/Router since my 2Wire was only capable of WEP encryption. I still prefer my 2Wire but it's time for a change. If the Netgear gives me 10 years of continuous trouble free service like my 2Wire did I'll consider myself extremely lucky.

Here are todays speedtest results using the Netgear with my AT&T HSI Elite DSL package: