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Reading, MA

[Northeast] re-activating an old install

I had FIOS as of Feb 2012, but went to Comcast for their $30/mo special. I'm still in the special which is up to $45, but getting sick of having downtime of a couple of hours per week w/ no resolution.

I went through the web to reactivate my VZ FIOS service (internet only) and at the end of it the web page said that after an "in-depth" check of my location, a tech would be needed.

At the advice/approval of the cancellation person (at the time I cancelled), I had unplugged the 12V battery in my ONT and unplugged it from mains power--that way the battery is not get used and I'm not spending watts for a device not used.

Is it correct to assume that this is why they claim I need a tech visit?

If I plug it all back in this evening, will I be able to go through the process of activating w/o needing a tech visit?

It's not that I care about a tech coming or not, I just don't want to waste a truck roll for them when all I'm going to do is switch my VZ router's WAN cat5 cable from the cable modem back to the ONT.


I would plug it in and try it. your ont needs to be activated. It may flow thru with power. you should see green lights if it is.


Reading, MA
...after thinking about it a bit, I decided to just go ahead and do the tech call, they had a convenient time slot for this weekend, and I'll be able to (hopefully) get them to give me a Rev I Actiontec (I've got an F right now and could use a few extra 1G ports)