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Chicago, IL
reply to gweidenh

Re: BYOD - Ting


Very cool info; thanks.

I've looked at Ting, but I stick with PagePlus, because there is too big a jump using Ting from S and M. My usage is barely over S, but those several extra minutes would always keep me in M-land. So I stay with the PagePlus "the 12" plan giving me 250/250/10 with incremental per-min/txt/MB overage ability

Relating this back to Broadband so as to stay slightly OT:

It might be interesting to buy a beater Sprint phone (better yet if 4G) and use it exclusively as a hotspot. Good for casual data usage; includes Sprint 3G (coverage waaay beyond all the cheap MVNOs using only Clear/Sprint WiMax), and after the cost of the phone you could get away with $9+extras/mo for 100MB; $19+extras/mo for 500MB. Next step up, with lots more data but costing lots more: Virgin Mobile's Broadband to go