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Naperville, IL
·Dish Network
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Re: Tuners

I don't know. I was pretty aware that was happening and the DISH people also were pretty clear in explaining that.

Viewing habits are VERY household-centric. For us, 2 Hoppers are enough. If I keep DISH, I may add a 3rd Hopper, but that seems overkill. Our household seems to do fine with 6 tuners since it's mostly 2 TVs that get watched on any kind of regular basis. The other ones are mostly occasional use. Typically no more than 3 tuners are ever wacthed at the same time, if that many even. So that leaves plenty for recording.

But I can see where it wouldn't be enough if you have TVs in kids' bedrooms. We don't allow that, so 2 Hoppers is enough.
How nice. This country is being run by a broken record repeating the same two words over and over. Cretin.