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Myersville, MD

Could an amp help me get WiMAX connection?

I am a BYOD plan customer using a Sierra 250u with a CradlePoint ctr35. There are several towers in the area with varying 3G performance. I have a 2.4G 24dBi TP-link antenna that I point at the tower with the most reliable 3G speeds and get very strong and clean signals. I'm in a rental house and I'm not supposed to mount antennas, so mine is on a tripod in the attic, although the house is at the top of a hill, basically the highest point in the area.

In the opposite direction, there is a distant tower carrying WiMAX, that when aimed carefully, my antenna can catch a glimpse of a signal from. The best I've seen thus far is CINR 13 and -89 dBm. I've not been able to establish a WiMAX connection from my home (but have elsewhere, so I know my config is good).

Could an amplifier help get my numbers to a usable range? Should I just enjoy my tolerable 3G speeds until Millenicom is reselling Sprint LTE (which appears to be solidly available in my area)? Thank you for your insights!

Max Signal
Buffalo, NY
There are no amplifiers that handle Wimax frequency ( 2500 mhz ) at this time


New Windsor, MD

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»network.sprint.com/search/Myersv ··· e%2C+MD/

seems that Sprint is very active in your area.

Click on the blued COVERAGE link and check out how close 4G is coming to you

Forget WiMax