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Millbury, MA
reply to scoobyfan

Re: [Northeast] Has anyone else ever had this problem?

After dealing with a number of phone reps who thought I was crazy, one finally took up my cause and found the problem. Bad card at the CO just like you both thought. I'm now back to perfect speeds.


Tampa Bay
·Verizon FiOS
·Bright House Net..
said by scoobyfan:

After dealing with a number of phone reps who thought I was crazy

Just got off the phone a few minutes ago with VZ Biz FIOS support and need to go bang my head on a brick wall to relieve the frustration.

Business FIOS connection went down. Router interface showed connection up, protocol up. No interface errors. Issue was no traffic was passing; could not even ping the default gateway.

I'll spare the details for sake of brevity, but she insisted a traceroute would show where the problem was. No amount of reasoning would get it through to her that traceroutes show nothing. If we can't even ping the default gateway, a traceroute would return no results except timeouts.

After repeatedly blaming our router (we use a Juniper SRX 220) I got sick of listening to her and told her to reboot the ONT.

Surprise, surprise, things started working again. I'd already bounced our router port facing the ONT, so I knew an interface reset wasn't the answer. It was something either inside the ONT not properly bridging traffic, or the ONT's connection with its counterpart in the C/O.

She continued insisting it was OUR router at fault, even though the evidence clearly showed otherwise.

I don't mind that Level 1 tech support doesn't have in-depth knowledge of all things routing and physical-- but I DO WISH that when a rep doesn't have a clue, they would NOT argue in ignorance. It makes those of us with a lot more experience very, very frustrated.