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Rockford, IL

My signals

I'm gonna post my signals because for the past two weeks I have been having non-stop issues. Where the speeds are really slow. I have even replaced the modem and I had the same issue. If anyone tell me what I should do because whenever I contact tech support they say my signals are fine.

Downstream Bonding Channel Value
Channel ID 2 4 5 7
Frequency 657000000 Hz 669000000 Hz 675000000 Hz 687000000 Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio 37 dB 37 dB 37 dB 37 dB
Downstream Modulation QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256
Power Level
The Downstream Power Level reading is a snapshot taken at the time this page was requested. Please Reload/Refresh this Page for a new reading
9 dBmV 9 dBmV 8 dBmV 9 dBmV
Upstream Bonding Channel Value
Channel ID 10 11 12
Frequency 36400000 Hz 29500000 Hz 24200000 Hz
Ranging Service ID 7495 7495 7495
Symbol Rate 5.120 Msym/sec 5.120 Msym/sec 2.560 Msym/sec
Power Level 35 dBmV 36 dBmV 35 dBmV
Upstream Modulation [3] QPSK
[3] 64QAM
[3] QPSK
[3] 64QAM
[3] QPSK
[2] 16QAM
[3] 64QAM

Ranging Status Success Success Success
Signal Stats (Codewords) Bonding Channel Value
Channel ID 2 4 5 7
Total Unerrored Codewords 2438269021 2437532240 2437532423 2437532501
Total Correctable Codewords 1 47 42 55
Total Uncorrectable Codewords 537 536 505 553

Bueller? Bueller?
El Dorado Hills, CA
The signal looks a bit hot (both on US and DS), but unless the downstream power is swinging up a few dBmV, it shouldn't be an issue.

If you have a splitter, you could probably throw the cable modem on the -7dB leg and then your DS power would be closer to 1-2 dBmV and your US power would still be quite good at ~42-43 dBmV.

It could be your upstream SNR causing the problems. You may want to call in and ask what it is and see if there are any upstream noise issues, because those signals (while hot) don't look that bad.
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