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Camelot One
Greenwood, IN
reply to 88615298

Re: Considering..

said by 88615298:

said by Camelot One:

said by silbaco:

Could be worse. Could be 3 strikes and you are out like Mediacom. For life.

Well, since after the 6th strike, they do absolutely nothing, cutting it to 3 strikes would actually be better for the repeat offender accused.

yes because totally innocent people will be falsely accused 6 consecutive times.

I'm sure that was meant sarcastically, but I absolutely believe it will happen. Setting aside the technical complications in proving who downloaded a given file, the MPAA has proven time and again that they will claim rights they do not have.
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Even after being singled out by the US Copyright Office for being a shining example of fair use, the guy is STILL fighting to keep his videos up. Do you honestly believe the automated file-a-strike system they plan to use isn't going to repeatedly flag content they don't have the rights?