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Glen Burnie, MD
reply to McBane

Re: Dropping phone service from FiOS bundle

Hmmm. We're on paperless billing. Thanks for the heads-up just the same.


Nottingham, MD
I just checked my bill and see that I am paying approximately $5 a month in taxes for DV. Not sure what kind of savings I can get by downgrading from triple play to double play. Might not be worth it, especially if I run into problems like McBane describes above.

Let's Go Orange
Syracuse, NY
·Verizon FiOS
I've been through all this and I had to battle for almost 6 months to get a straight answer on what effect dropping from triple to double non-contracted would be. In my case it would have RAISED my rate to change to a double. Instead the only thing I could do to save money was to drop down from Ultimate triple to Prime double which I hated to do but the bill had risen so quickly it was way out of my reach (fixed income). Most all of the TV I watched was on Ultimate so it really sucks they priced it so high.
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