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Saybrook, IL
reply to prairiesky

Re: [Bus. Ops] Are you an Wireless ISP looking for more revenue?

There is nothing that is personally identifiable that is happening guys. It's not much more than a cookie for a session to a retailer. In essence, a session is established, it is marked by which ISP it came from, and that's it.

This has been happening for years via other means, and has been available to consumers for a long time.

All the parties involved are separated on purpose, so there isn't any identifiable means to the consumer.

We have no obligation to notify our customers, because we aren't selling their names, or anything personally identifiable to a third party. I don't even know what they are buying. Nor do I have access to it. So far everything has been done as per our agreement, and they have been great to work with.

If you don't like the idea, let someone else make money off of it instead LOL. I do like this idea better than targeted ads that pop up