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·Verizon FiOS
reply to ITALIAN926

Re: Is this some kind of joke?

said by ITALIAN926:

As the internet world is supplied with bigger pipes, larger file sizes for legit and stolen video will get larger. This includes the video offerings for the MSO's as well to eventually provide 1080p and beyond (for 4k , 8k HDTV's) via IPTV. So I have no idea what kind of file sizes are traded on torrents and such, but I highly doubt its a fully uncompressed Blu-Ray movie.

60-100 Terabytes? WTF? lol

My DVR has a 1 TB hard drive with 65 hours of 1080i HD video , and is HALF full. 60-100 TB's? I just cant comprehend.

I get that reaction a lot But I wouldn't be paying $220/month if I wasn't going to use it to its potential. It would be like a soccer mom buying a Ferrari for weekend grocery shopping LOL

I believe 4K resolution would take roughly 20-25Mbps, not much relatively speaking if you consider Verizon's FIOS offerings. Is there any premium TV or movie channel that even streams at true 1080p/24fps? Most are 720p60 or 1080i because the higher quality 1080p/24 stream is seen as inefficient use of limited customer bandwidth.