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Bless you Howie
reply to BoulderHill1

Re: ebay: Item not as described, your advice?

Dude, we're past that already, and I have been clear, reread.

The phones failed today, on top of them sending different ones than what the claimed they were. After going back and forth with them they finally relented and I am getting my money back. There was a bad kink the the wire that was obvious the moment I took them out of the box.

Boulder, I don't know what the problem is, I was clear.


I bidded on an auction for a headphone of a certain model worth a certain price.

They showed a photo of that device, but sent me a much cheaper model of that same manufacturer.

They wanted me to accept a refund of a measly 3 bucks.

We went back and forth, and I showed them how EVEN THE ONES THEY SENT ME, USED, are cheaper on AMAZON BRAND NEW. Clear enough for ya?

And the phones are defective, one channel doesn't work.

I guess they realized my review was going to be pretty bad, so they relented and refunded me.

Now I will shop more carefully, and lessons learned about not trusting photos and claims.

Man, every purchase I've made of late has been some sort of big hassle, everything. Guess I should bother buying lottery tickets!
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No I'm not an ordinary person that posts on this type of forum on DSLR but I came accross this "They showed a photo of that device, but sent me a much cheaper model of that same manufacturer." yeah this happen to me once before and my brother.. I'm not wanting to cause any trouble, im just saying. Anyway so my brother and I bought our own computer about 2 years ago or so and no it don't got anything to do with ebay I know that but maybe the issue here could be kinda the same.

Here's what happen we bought a pc and we came to find out that the specs were'nt as described in the description.. So my brother calls them up and the manufacture guy says "Yes, sir we install a higher up of that brand" so instead of selling my brother a crappy CPU (for example, and its the one thats described in the description) he goes ahead and installs a better one. This means hes paying for something hes not aware of.. yet.

My point here is, maybe buying the class or brand higher up will give you exactly what your looking for.
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