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Re: Upgrading my plan

- Do I have to pay $95 if I move to dsl10 or dsl15? I know some plans will need fiber install (although the "need" is questionable, I think I've seen 15mbps on adsl abroad).

If you are on dry loop the activation fee is $114.99 because you would have to repay the dry loop activation.

- Do I need to change my modem if I move to dsl10 or dsl15?

It can remain the same modem.

- If I pay $95, do I still need to pay speed change?


- If I choose cable, besides buying a new modem, do I still need to pay the speed change fee of $25 and install fee of $65?

You do not have to pay the speed change fee, the $65 would apply but $20 would be subtracted if you purchased a modem from us.

- I had cable in the past through Rogers, so everything is installed and set, just disabled. Could it be enabled remotely therefore saving me the technician visit and his $65 fee?

A technician visit would be required. You get to choose of a timeframe between 8-11, 11-2, 2-5 and 5-8.

- Is it worthwhile to change to cable? Last time I used cable was 2008, so I really don't remember how service was. Does it throttle? Does it go down more often than dsl?

We do not throttle. Many customers are very happy with the service that they have. Personally, I have been on the 14 meg cable connection for a year without a single issue. We can never guarantee uptime/downtime however because of issues that can arise on our vendors end that are out of our control.

Any other questions please let me know,
Liz M
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Toronto, ON
Thanks a lot for both answers, cable seems like a good option then.

My main concern with the service was related to differences in terms of privacy, throttling and extreme speed loss on peak times (cable was famous for that back then). If you say those are not any different than DSL today, then I'm fine with it.

(graniterock, I don't have a cable modem anymore, Rogers took it away. Will have to buy a new one anyway. And I was also planning to replace my brave, eternal WRT54G anyway)