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bronx cheers from cheap seats
Mississauga, ON
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reply to resa1983

Re: Why we are not opposing motion on Monday.

said by resa1983:

said by Who7:

said by resa1983:

CIPPIC has filed a motion to adjourn Monday's hearing til the judge can rule on their intervene.

As well, the hearing (in which the judge will make a decision on the motion to adjourn) has been pushed back to 11am from 9:30am.

»cas-ncr-nter03.cas-satj.gc.ca/In ··· -2058-12

Somebody cares because it's certainly not TSI.

You'd be surprised.

They've proven this up until the 16th. The error of 42 people already should render these logs inadmissible due to the mistakes.

I've said this time and time again. Until there is a 'foolproof' method, this is a gamble, especially everyone using dynamic ip's. By time an IP is marked as "naughty" 13 other people have used it. Each time your lease expires are you getting an ip from someone who just rang up over 3 TB in warez?

It's a fine line to walk on between innocence and guilty. Too fine for my liking.

Putting all that aside, information is being handed over to a very sketchy business whose business model is a form of extortion. I truly feel sorry for those who are innocent. Their lives are about to be run through the ringer.