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Etobicoke, ON
reply to zod5000

Re: Shaw no support new Super HD from Netflix, boo!

said by zod5000:

That was my point (and I do think cableco's would care). This would save them pennies a gig (they still have to use their infrastructure to deliver, but it would save them the bulk bandwidth internet costs). What's that going to save shaw on average? 10 bux a month for netflix customers? Do you think they'd rather have your 50-60 dollars cable subscription or save 10 bux on bulk bandwidth? hmmm....

The last thing Shaw wants is people to only subscribe for internet.. lol.

edit: ok 2nd last thing. the last thing they'd want is for you to not use any of their services.

People will do that anyway. This doesn't make it any "easier". They can choose to be stupid and not take advantage of a cost cutting measure or do so and make a smart business decision.

Also its a lot more than 10 bucks a month on bulk bandwidth. They're consuming at least a few 10Gb links worth of bandwidth for Netflix alone.