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Etobicoke, ON
reply to kevinds

Re: Shaw no support new Super HD from Netflix, boo!

said by kevinds:

Everything I see, seems to be about saving Netflix money.

Peer with the bigger ISPs, so that Netflix doesn't have to pay transit moving their data - and this won't necessarly help with poor quality due to poor speeds/congestion.

I'm courious how Netflix got into the Peering centers, and how many HD streaming customers it will take to saturate their connection.

It's about saving both sides money. Reducing the amount of transit required for the ISPs is reducing their cost of delivering those bits to the customer.

Netflix will peer with and/or provide the caching appliances to anyone that is able to peer with them at the appropriate locations and meets certain minimum traffic levels. It depends on where the speed/congestion issues are.

They got into the Internet exchanges just as every other ISP/hosting provider/service provider/CDN does. It's not as if there is a fixed limit to the amount of bandwidth they have. Just like everyone else they monitor their links and upgrade well in advance of the links being saturated.