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Raiden Wins
Albany, GA
reply to SuperJudge

Re: [GA] ZOOM 5341j Incompatible?

Interesting update, the problems with the connectivity seem to get more and more frequent. The first modem lasted four months and started dropping infrequently but the replacement that ZOOM sent dropped, the first time, a week after I got it (no four month wait?). I'm being tested for line issues tomorrow, because of the escalating issues, and possibly being given a rental modem, though I wonder why it's all ramping up. Today, the modem was down the majority of the work day, then was constantly syncing, running momentarily, and resyncing until I decided to stop trying to stream Netflix.

Smooth sailing after that.

The way it's behaving--it reminds me of the capacitance issues that I used to deal with when I worked for Bellsouth. I'm curious what a firmware push would do to an incompatible modem.


Vinton, IA

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said by SuperJudge:

I'm curious what a firmware push would do to an incompatible modem.

A 'firmware push' is not an all encompassing one-size-fits-all modem update. Different modems require different firmware files.

An 'incompatible' modem will either not work with the network at all or at a considerably reduced capability. (think DOCSIS2 modem on a DOCSIS3 system). The modem does not support any/all the protocols, frequency ranges, bonding channels, etc.. that the network uses. If the network can see the modem at all, it most certainly has no files to send to it.

An 'unsupported' modem 'might' work with the system, no guarantee. The network will not recognize the modem as supported and will not push any software into it. (because they dont have the files for it)

A 'supported' modem is supposed to work with the system. The network will identify it and push the appropriate firmware when it is deemed necessary.

-Forcing- a firmware update into a differing model or make would almost certainly -brick- the modem. Every firmware updater that I have seen will not even attempt to perform an update, until the receiving hardware is identified and verified as the correct type for that firmware.

Raiden Wins
Albany, GA
So that kind of shenanigan seems less likely. Seems a capacitance issue the more likely.

The modem losing sync makes sense, but the modem sometimes just stops responding. No attempt to resync--it just cuts out and doesn't respond on the lan side. This is the modem zoom replaced the first with. I haven't seen a host of complaints about that on Amazon, Tehrasha.

Does that sound like incompatible behavior? I currently have three bonded downstream channels and one bonded upstream.