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San Diego, CA

Static on u-verse voice and Caller ID not working

Here's how it's setup.

My parents swtiched from normal DSL/POTS service to u-verse DSL and u-verse voice back in December. U-verse internet is working great, however I've had trouble with u-verse voice since it was self installed. My parents have quite a 8 phone jacks hooked up to the u-verse voice line. However only two phones are hooked up to it. One upstairs in the master bedroom and one in the kitchen with DSL filters attached to each phone. The residential gateway is in my brother's room as that is centrally located in the house which provides good wifi coverage. The RG is connected to the wall jack with the dual filter (one for data and one for phone). I have the data line (green) connected to the proper slot (listed as "phone" on the RG with a green square around the input). For the voice service, I have normal phone line cord that runs from the RG to the dual filter. Now I am able to get voice on the phone jacks throughout the house, however when my parents are actually using the voice service, after a period of time while in the middle of a phone conversation the static appears. I don't know why this is happening but it is. I should also point out that on the external telephone box on the house, the line is connected. Now when I followed the instructions, I was told to disconnect the phone line at the external telephone box. However when I've done that, both u-verse voice and internet does not work. I don't know if it's something I screwed up on the install or is it a bad RG. Also I should note, caller ID doesn't work on the phones connected to the wall jacks. However if I connect a phone directly to the RG, it works fine. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also I posted this on's community forum as well

Louisville, KY
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Hi Booker. It sounds like there are a couple of things that could be going wrong here. First, you cannot unplug your connection at the NID since that is how your service is provided. Have you tried to install DSL filters on your line? That might fix your static since your connection is coming in on the same line. You could also have a tech come out and backfeed your phone service to the NID so you can use your service without filters. They will isolate your telephone service so you do not have to use filters. They did this at my house when I had service.

Also, I know that at one point, the RG would make popping noises and there would be some background noise, almost a slight hiss, when I was on the telephone. When I would switch to call waiting, when someone was on hold, the telephone would hiss loudly on their end too. Many people I had on hold said that.

So, your problems could be needing filters, needing to backfeed your service back to the NID, it could be a bad gateway, or it could be the network itself. I would try the DSL filters first and see where this takes you. Also, it could be a bad telephone jack somewhere in the house. Try to connect a hardline telephone directly to the RG and see if you still have the problems.

Clover, SC
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YOu have wiring issues at your home, you need your incoming U-Verse connection and your phone lines separated on two different lines to start. You need to have AT&T come out and fix it properly or someone local with phone experience that can help you.