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[ADSL2] I want to cancel the service of DSL Extreme

I am so angry to talk about canceling the service of DSL Extreme. Because I called them today and they told me I had to pay $250 for the early cancellation fee. Only for 2 DAYS! I made a mistake of renewing the contract so I wanted to cancel it. Another reason why I want to cancel the service is the internet speed is too low to surf the webs and play games. I got the 3000Kbps. But the speed is just 1024Kbps, which is almost the same speed as the cheapest one--1000Kbps. But I need to pay the double price. I tested it this afternoon by the test website provided by the DSL Extreme. I hope you can help me to cancel the service. Thank you very much.

Chatsworth, CA

I've posted this before, but we resell DSL service. If you sign up for an annual contract, in order to secure that lower price for you we also have to enter an annual contract with your local ILEC. Therefore, if you break that contract, then we have to break our contract as well, and at that point the ILEC charges us an ETF (Early Termination Fee), which is what we are passing on to you. It unfortunately doesn't matter if it's two days or two hundred, the ILEC charges it to us all the same, hence why we have to charge you. If you want to send me your account information, I can help you with the cancellation process, but there's nothing I can do to get you out of the ILEC's ETF, I'm afraid.

However, you said you just upgraded and you're still getting just 1024Kbps. Have you gone through any troubleshooting with our tech support team? It's quite probable that we can get you faster speeds if you work with us so we can find and fix what's causing the slowdown. Again, if you send me your account info I can have a tech help out.