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We the people
Brewster, WA
reply to ITALIAN926

Re: If people like

said by ITALIAN926:

Ive never said never. I hope they come out with popular applications to utilize Gbps speeds. I just dont see it happening anytime soon, not when you need 7Mbps to stream netflix "superHD" , whatever that means.

If something is created for such speeds, we'll see what Google comes up with in KC. We'll see if its applications that dont erode their very own TV service revenues. If something occurs, other providers will follow.

You're just throwing out misleading nothings hoping people believe it.

Most people can take more pictures in day on a single camera they own than they could possibly upload in a year because the damn internet upload for most people sucks. One photo here averages about 3 MiB. 30 Minutes of video 4 gigs.. on a non-profeesional 2 year old device. We've had the real world popular real things for years and no internet to deal with it for even a large minority of the population. Quit making out like there's no use today for super fast internet because it's not true, it's here, it's been here and the internet in the United States has been lagging behind the technology creating data for a decade!
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