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Who let the magic smoke out?
Saint Augustine, FL

Clear is doing something in the NE Fla area..

Not sure what they are doing to the system but they have been taking it down the past few nights right at midnight. They are apparently even working Fri Night Sat Morning.

On Chat they say they are showing no outages in the area. Don't know what there up to, or which tower they are working on but they are definitely doing something.

Formerly known as schja01.
Morton Grove, IL
The past two nights I've noticed two "micro outages" on both of my home hubs at 3:00 AM local time.
They are in two different towns on two different towers so it's either a systemic issue or perhaps a routing burp (but on two consecutive nights?).
In each case it was enough to trigger a "NO SIGNAL" Log Entry but recovered quickly.


reply to SmokChsr
Seattle, WA Clear customer checking in. Modem searches for up to a half an hour before finding a weak signal. This has been going on for about three or four days now. When connection is made, data rate is molasses slow. I've been with Clear for a bunch of years, and never experienced anything like this. Rep on phone said it was due to a tower outage, but could give no resolution timeline.


Exactly same thing here, call it in and let them now.
I think the towers are totally congested. My downloads speeds are slower than the upload speeds I'm getting, currently 0.22 mbps down, 0.51 mbps up! I usually get about 10 - 12 mbps down.

I also have two neighbors with the same symptom.


West Haven, CT
reply to SmokChsr
Interesting news. I came to the forums to report a similar experience in New Haven, CT. Over the weekend (late Sat thru Monday) our network was significantly slower than usual. I'm less than a mile from a tower and always have 5 bars on my modem, yet we were pulling barely 1mbit down (typically 5mbit). After midnight this morning the signal cut out entirely.

When I awoke this morning the signal was back to full and speedtest gave me 10mbits down. This evening speedtest gives me 12mbits down. My anecdotal evidence would suggest some kind of network upgrade. Keeping my fingers crossed these improved speeds are here to stay.

To infinity... and beyond
Irvine, CA
reply to SmokChsr
Interesting. I'll watch it tonight. Must be doing some mega upgrades eh?

Who let the magic smoke out?
Saint Augustine, FL
reply to prspectiv2
It's hard to say if it's an upgrade or just system maintenance. Since in most cases it started minutes after midnight, I'd bet that someone was watching the clock to see when they could start. Also what ever was happening wasn't happening at the tower that I receive. It's only about 800' away at best and it's easy to see when workers are on site.

Seeing what they have at their sites, I highly suspect that they daisy chain many of their sites from tower to tower. Who knows where the work was actually happening. It's for sure they didn't bother to tell their "Chat" assistants what was going on as they would say I see no indication that their was a problem in the area, and that I needed to reset my modem.

I should have archived the chats, they were quite comical. Even after I told them to take the script and throw it in the trash, they would still go down it line by line.