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Greenville, NC

[Connectivity] Suddenlink, what's the problem?

My wife and I have been at our new home for going on 4 years now. I have begged and begged suddenlink to please run the service out here to my home. I have offered to pay fees and sign a contract just so I can ditch the DSL service I have. I have done some research and the cable stops no more than .5 mile from my home, but still cannot get service.

Can I please get a real explanation why I cannot get cable service and I am subjected to satellite and DSL?

Haughton, LA
Barring any technical issues, there is likely not enough people per mile on your street. Been through this with a couple different cable companies. Just takes continued pestering, then you'll finally get ahold of a plant engineer that will be able to give you real information and possibly come out for a site survey.

Of course if you have 20-30 grand or so, SL will readily run a main feed anywhere if you are paying. I also have been price quoted (by Time Warner) for such a solution and about had to laugh.
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reply to MedicineMan
Where about in Greenville are you located MedicineMan?

reply to MedicineMan
It would appear that you have your answer the line stops .5 miles away. Now accepting the answer is another thing. But like a previous poster said if you go to local they will give you the build cost of building service to your home although you are not likely going to like the price.


Nitro, WV
reply to MedicineMan
Yeah, they usually will run the service at your cost if it's that close. It will be expensive, but you probably can get it.