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Re: Landlord/tenant issue

I totally agree with the suggestion that she make a written statement denying everything. And yes, I am a lawyer.

All concerned parties should be sent a written copy of her denial which should include a demand that the violation be rescinded and removed from her rental history because having that on one's record can make it hard to lease an apartment in the future. After the denial is served, drop the matter and do not discuss it except through legal channels. Call the landlord's bluff...if they have a real case, make them bring it to court and prove it.

I will take you at your word that this tenant has had zero issues with anyone. No legitimate property manager is going to send a formal violation notice and open themselves to litigation just to appease a bitchy & whiny neighbor.

Honestly, this smells like a form of harassment or discrimination. If she cannot afford an attorney, look into getting help from housing assistance advocacy groups. Also, some municipalities have special departments set up to deal with landlord-tenant issues.

Seriously...I think they're jerking her around big time.

mocycler is a corporate counsel attorney and (by most accounts) a decent guy.